When I moved into the complex I was introduced to the tenant living at No 12 as the preferred Handyman / plumber.

He did some plumbing work for me and when the Job was completed and he was paid he laughed and said that he had no plumbing qualifications ??? ( Misrepresentation ) 
The work to date that he has done has not been to my satisfaction at all. I did mention that I had Grave concerns about his services that he was doing for residents 
on the complex.  I did email the trustees a couple of days ago that my concerns were even Graver.

Apparently his lease expired a year ago and from what I have been told the owner asked him to move out in October. I have been coming home late in the evening 
due to either work of charity work I do and I have noticed suspicious activity late at night involving the male tenant in No 12. E.G

Driving into the complex with his lights switched off at night.

Removing plants off the common ground.

Always in the bin room going through the rubbish late at night.

When No 7 was sold, he was in the garden helping himself to what the previous tenant left behind.

The chap who used to live in my unit before I moved in had a weber braai ( R 3000.00 ) that he was coming back to collect which disappeared is now on his balcony.

I have had a close look at his garage and all he has done is convert it into a scrap yard with all the items that he has found on the complex. He is now parking in 
various parking bays without permission dripping oil and marking the brickwork, bringing the look of the complex down, garage included.

He has no intention of moving to a new place of residence and he is driving the complex manager mad on a daily basis with his antics.
Last night someone vandalised the sprinkler system by taking off the tops to the system ??

There has also been a couple of vandalisms of people's private property and complex property over the last couple of months late at night.

Checking door handles at night of other people's unit's that he does not reside in ? 

I find this behaviour very suspicious and Premier security also finds his behaviour Suspicious.

I believe the owner has a right to apply for some urgent eviction order that can take about two days to organise if the tenant refuses to move out and has no lease 
and is not paying rent.
Please can you let the owner know of my concerns and if anybody needs to chat to me about anything further please give me a shout.
But as far as I am concerned his handyman service is crap. ( Please excuse the language )
In a recent conversation I had with the tenant asking him why he is having great difficulty finding a new place of residence, he mentioned something about having a 
record of some sort ??? 

I really don't think this individual should be left alone in people's homes unsupervised and that is just my observation and experience in dealing with this tenant 
who professes that he is a professional handyman who does not do much work during the day time but is very busy at night usually until 02:00. There are also a lot of 
fights going on inside that unit.